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Chandigarh Great Escape: Off-road Jamboree

An action packed off-road weekend in Chandigarh

It was Col Dhaliwal’s turn to tackle the ‘Rock Crawl’ – inch across a bed of loose boulders, take a U-turn and then go back up. The veteran off-roader calmly smiled at the crowd as his Mahindra Classic’s nose, dipped down the incline. Slowly he bounced off the rocks reaching the end, a quick three-point turn and he crawled past the finish line with maximum points on his first run. Without over revving his engine like a mad man or scraping fenders over rocks, Col Dhaliwal proved that experience matters.

Known for its love of off-roading and often called the land of the Thars, Chandigarh, was home to yet another one of Mahindra Adventure’s Great Escapes. A single-day event where off-roaders from around the area battle it out to bag a seat in the semi-finals of the Off-road Trophy held at Mahindra’s playground in Igatpuri. Apart from the trophy challenge, Mahindra also organises a 4×4 trail drive, where owners can get their SUVs and enjoy a day exploring the terrain and understand the basics of off-roading.

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