IronScorpion to launch the Scorpion at RFC in Goa

IronScorpion will participate and showcase the capabilities of the Scorpion at 2017 RFC event

Iron Scorpion HMV, a joint venture between Sarbloh Motors in Chandigarh and a US based off-road automotive company Preferred Chassis Fabrication Inc. are gearing up to take part in the fourth edition of the country’s most gruelling off-road competitions, the 2017 Rainforest Challenge in Goa.

The company will not only officially showcase the Scorpion MK 1 at RFC this year, but will also participate in the event. Dwaine Jungen, from Preferred Chassis Fabrication will drive the Scorpion through the various Special Stages (SS) and challenges showcasing the vehicle’s off-road capabilities, a brilliant platform to introduce the vehicle to the Indian off-road community.

The Scorpion is currently also being used by the US Army, and will soon hit the Indian market as well. According to IronScorpion HMV, the company is working towards making Scorpion’s Indian variant, the country’s first road-legal hardcore off-roader.

Pic credit: IronScorpion

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