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My debut in a 4x4 pick-up

After Kottayam, Chennai and Hyderabad, Isuzu’s Tame the Terrain event shifted base to Pune for owners to experience the D-Max V-Cross’ prowess.

Held in association with the Pune Pathfinders off-roaders group, over 30 D-Max V-Cross owners took part in the event that was organised on the outskirts of Pune. The event consisted of several activities such as off-road trails, paragliding in a buggy and other adventure sports. Four off-road tracks were created to let the customers test the potential of their D-Max V-Cross to its maximum. The tracks had everything from steep inclines and descents, to slush, river crossings and slick rocks.

I got a chance to drive the V-Cross on two tracks and was impressed with the pick-up’s off-road capabilities. Having driven the massive vehicle on tarmac, I had an idea about the D-Max’s touring capabilities, but had never tested it off-road and the Tame the Terrain event proved to be a great initiative to give it a go. Sit in the cabin and you will forget that this is a hardcore pick-up. The spacious cabin is well-finished and feels built to last, cocooning you from the rest of the world. In fact, the NVH levels are so good that my instructor (who drives a Thar) felt that the engine was switched off as we got on the move. Slotted in 4-Low, using the shift-on-the-fly knob helps give the V-Cross maximum torque at low range, allowing for easy maneuverability up steep inclines, declines, through mud and other uneven surfaces. The first incline was easy, but the track became progressively difficult as we drove further. The articulation pit was the challenging part as one of the wheels failed to find traction. But thanks to the independent leaf spring set-up, the V-Cross got through with relative ease. Next, we tackled the slush pit. This was the first time I managed to drive a pick-up truck sideways. After the mud bath, we got the the toughest part of the track, a 75-degree incline. The key to get to the top is momentum. Step on the throttle and the 2-tonne V-Cross clambered over the crest with ease.

The capabilities of the V-Cross (off-roading, touring and comfort) have ensured that in the ten months since it was launched it has gained massively in popularity amongst the adventure community. It is now almost the default choice as a backup vehicle for off-road bikers and rallyists, and with factory support it is even competing successfully in rally raids across the country.

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