Sarbloh Motors to bring the Scorpion to India

Sarbloh Motors partners with Preferred Chassis Fabrication Inc., to bring the Scorpion to India

Ever heard of the Scorpion Mortal Kombat (MK) 1? It does sound like some character out of a video game. But in reality, the MK 1 is a tube buggy and Sarbloh Motors is bringing it to India soon.

Sarbloh Motors, an Indian company, specialising in customization of off-road and expedition vehicles partnered with Preferred Chassis Fabrication Inc, a US based company, manufacturer of the Scorpion All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), to kick-start India’s first purpose built 4×4 vehicle automotive company, IronScorpion HMV (high mobility vehicles).

IronScorpion HMV is set to develop, design and manufacture a unique breed of off-road monsters, which will help broaden the choice of 4x4s available in the Indian market, especially for off-road enthusiasts who are looking to participate in various regional and national off-road competitions. Apart from this, IronScorpion HMV will also look to develop special vehicles for search and rescue operations for the Indian military and law enforcement.

In fact the Scorpion MK 1 built by Soni Honegger in 1997, was one of the first off-road tube buggies, which set the ball rolling for the culture of off-road buggies today. The MK 1 was designed and built with the idea to conquer terrains where the 4x4s could not go. It was used in various recovery operations by a number of armed forces, who operated in extremely rough terrains.

Pic credit: IronScorpion

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