Slush Rush held in Pune

The maiden open-for-all off-road event is off to a great start

Pune Offroaders organised the first Slush Rush event at Chandkhed village, near Pune on 6 & 7 August. Attended by 53 participants from Maharashtra and Gujarat, the event fared successfully as the maiden off-road event in Pune.

Starting at 730 AM on Sunday, The basic format of the event made the participants understand the basics of off-road driving. It was not an out-and-out off-road event a la Thar Fest or RFC but just a basic off-road trail to get drivers from all the classes to get accustomed to the format of off-road trails and enjoy the weekend.


The event was organised in three individual sections of 1km each, consisting of rock crawls, slush pits, steep ascends/descends, water crossings, slippery ruts with axle twisters etc. Overall, the event touched the basics of off-road technicals. The drivers were judged for their skills and so were the navigators. There was also a competitive hill climb stage. MS Offroaders from Mumbai also showed off their skills in their heavily modified Gypsy.


Mr. Majid Sheikh stood first in the Mahindra Jeep class, followed by Prithviraj Patil. Gypsy class was won by Appa Dhage and Abhijeet Patil was the runner-up. All the winners hail from Satara, except for Majid Sheikh, who is a resident of Pune.



Mahindra Jeep Class
a) 1st Prize: Mr. Majid Shaikh from Pune
b) 2nd Prize: Mr. Prithviraj Patil from Satara

Gypsy Class
a) 1st Prize: Mr. Appa Dhage from Satara
b) 2nd Prize: Mr. Abhijeet Patil from Satara

Other Prizes:
a) Best Equipped Vehicle: Mr. Charudatta Babar from Satara
b) Best Driver on Trail: Mr. Parmar from Vapi
c) Best Looking Vehicle: Mr. Sajid Fakih from Mumbai
d) Best Navigator: Mrs. Olga Babar from Satara.
e) Most Disciplined Driver: Mr. Shivaji Mohite from Kolhapur

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